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The Fairstead Difference

Fairstead's in-house expertise in acquisitions, development, design, construction, operations, and community impact uniquely positions our team to create opportunities and effect positive change.

Development & Asset Management


As a trusted institutional and community partner, we regularly source, structure, and develop some of the industry’s most complex and unique deals.

Aerial of Cumerland Arms

Opportunistic Acquisitions

Skilled in identifying high-potential developments and structuring complex financing

Deep Expertise

Decades of experience in entitlements, construction, and operations

Comprehensive Asset Management

Adds value throughout the entire lifecycle of an investment

Design & Construction

Park 79 Construction

As our own general contractor and construction manager, we leverage local sourcing and national best practices to drive cost-effective and project-efficient construction solutions.

Pre-deal Involvement

Engagement in the development process from day-one maximizes project efficiencies

Data-driven Decisions

Understanding property analytics improves the resident experience, sustainability, and resiliency

Long-term Orientation

An ongoing commitment to investing in our buildings and residents

Property Management


We believe that owner management is the ideal way to ensure that our properties are operated in the best interests of our residents, communities, and partners.

Committed to Training

Robust learning and development programs and opportunities for skill-building and career growth

Providing Unparalleled Services

Redefining resident expectations through service, communication, and engagement

Attention to Detail

Establishing customized programs to meet each community’s unique needs