Housing Innovation

Fairstead Ventures partners with proptech innovators to deploy leading edge solutions for affordable housing.

“The affordable housing community has been underserved in tech. Through strategic investments, we can pilot technologies and programs that improve people’s lives.”

Aki Karja, Head of Proptech
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Fairstead Ventures looks to improve the quality of life for people that are disproportionately affected by climate change. By investing in leading edge proptech, we make older buildings more efficient, resilient, and sustainable for generations to come.

Raising the Bar for Housing

Investing in Tech Solutions

  • Dedicated Capital

Fairstead Ventures is a $100 million initiative to invest in and deploy leading-edge technologies across Fairstead’s affordable housing portfolio. Our goal as a strategic investor is to pilot innovative products and services at our properties and scale new and proven technologies to enterprise level. The initiative has a specific focus on decarbonization, energy efficiency, and sustainability to retrofit aging affordable housing stock and create state-of-the-art new developments. We also look to invest in solutions for our development, operations, and asset management teams.

Incubating IN-HOUSE

  • Developing & Scaling Strategic Initiatives

Fairstead Ventures supports the piloting, development, and scaling of our investments. An in-house roster of subject matter experts inform strategic implementation and refinement of products – forming a partnership between Fairstead and startups. In addition to our investments, with a portfolio of more than 170 communities across the nation, Fairstead Ventures works with our internal subject matter experts to take problem statements and turn them into scalable business solutions.

Impacting our Communities and Planet

  • Fundamentally Changing Housing Standards
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Through innovative technology-based solutions, Fairstead Ventures is driving our organization’s commitment to fundamentally improve standards in housing. Access to high-speed internet, on-site energy generation – these are the initiatives that will push the industry forward.


Strategic Partnerships

Our goal is to help early-stage solutions thrive in a challenging industry.

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KwantAI cultivates connectivity through every aspect of construction. The intelligence platform connects workforce, materials, and equipment to improve productivity and safety.

Construction technology solutions facilitate cleaner, safer building practices, making our development and improvement projects more efficient and better for residents and the planet.

EnviroPower transforms existing heating infrastructure into an energy platform that satisfies the heating requirements of buildings while generating onsite electricity at nearly zero cost.

The SmartWatt boiler system incorporates a mini power plant – the first commercial boiler that also produces electricity, Enviro Power’s product generates onsite energy, providing continuous backup power supply.

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committed to developing and growing proptech solutions

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reduction in energy and water consumption with sustainability measures


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