Impacting People, Places, Planet.

An organization united in worthy goals can improve individual lives, reshape communities, and spark societal change.

Investing in Futures


We see our communities not just as brick-and-mortar residences, but as launching pads for personal and communal growth.

Atlantis Earth Day 2022

Food Security

Providing residents with healthy meals and nutritional resources

Delivering Connectivity

Bridging the digital divide by providing access to technology and the internet

Workforce Development

Supporting education and job training opportunities

Reshaping our Cities

Mayor of New York standing behind podium with group of people behind him

By partnering with the public sector, our properties become foundations of neighborhood stability and platforms for community empowerment.

Partnering for Change

Building coalitions with partners, stakeholders, and communities

Neighborhood Resources

Bringing neighborhoods together with housing and services

Adaptive Reuse

Transforming underutilized properties into homes

Commitment to Resiliency


By implementing an integrated sustainability and resiliency strategy, we improve lives while mitigating harm to the environment.

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Echo Valley

Solar Power

Connecting neighborhoods to clean, renewable, low-cost energy

Retrofitting for Sustainability

Rehabbing and future-proofing our nation's aging building stock

Community Gardens

Preserving the environment and providing access to fresh fruits and vegetables

Resident at St. Nicks on tablet

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cost of internet services for residents using ResiBridge

Seth Hoffman at Earth Day 2022.


community solar development at an affordable community in Rhode Island

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reduction in energy and water consumption with sustainability measures

Our Impact

Fairstead invests in people through affordable and mixed-income housing development and preservation, civic engagement, philanthropic outreach, community events, and energy conservation. Download a report to learn more about the Fairstead team in action.


Community Impact Report


Fairstead is dedicated to creating and operating vibrant communities across the country. We demonstrate this every day, most clearly in the thoughtful way our team designs, builds, and manages the properties our residents are proud to call home. We organize our efforts around five core Community Impact pillars: health and wellness, bridging the digital divide, environmental and social justice, education and workforce opportunities, and financial literacy. Our Community Impact Report explains how these pillars drive both our actions today and our plans for tomorrow.


ESG Report


At Fairstead, we endeavor each and every day to make the world a better place. Our focus on creating a positive impact applies not only to immediate stakeholders — residents, local partners, team members, and investors — but also to our cities, to our country, and to our planet. This simple but lofty ambition is integral to our organization’s mission and fundamental to our achievement. Fairstead aspires to create high-quality, sustainable housing for all, regardless of income. We know that to do so effectively, we must adhere to the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles that enhance the lives of our residents and their surrounding communities, mitigate or reverse harm to the ecosystem, and meet the moral and ethical standards of the institutions and individuals who entrust us with their capital.


Building Communities


Fairstead is a vertically integrated national real estate developer specializing in the creation of sustainable, high-quality housing for all regardless of income. The owner of 24,000 apartments across 28 states, Fairstead has more than $7.8 billion in assets and identified pipeline. Operating around the country, Fairstead’s headquarters and regional teams provide in-house, hands-on expertise across all disciplines, including capital markets, finance, acquisitions, development, design, construction, energy, sustainability, property management, communications, leasing, marketing, and community impact. We are long-term investors, owners, and operators whose goals and values are aligned with the needs and aspirations of our residents, communities, and partners.